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Welcome at Alexis'

Just a few words to begin...
I was born like a lot of us during the last century, away from the Net.
I try to bring my own contribution to it in a slight measure to go with the websites of which the list follows.
Jahl, Elyne, Kenza is a hypertextual, collaborative and of science fiction short story.
It revolves around one character (Jahl) who has gone towards an improbable elsewhere, leaving behind a threesome which is only bound by his absence (Elyne, Kenza and the narrator).
That short story is sliced into paragraphs that get into a tangle in a manifold and non-linear way like any respectable hypertext. Unfortunately, it is collaborative only by name, as no one has dared to take part in the adventure (but I’m not driven to despair).
It also sometimes happens to me to play keyboard in PHP programming projects, not only truly useful in terms of purpose, but as well in a personal didactic way. You can find some instances of it on <?php /*  Gi-Go  */ ?>.

And here is Iceland, or the photographic tale of a hike in the south of the country, from Landmannalaugar to Thórsmörk.

I write (when the desire of it overwhelmes me) science fiction and fantasy short stories of which I give you a sample (but only in French).
I am interested in theoretical and practical research in the hypertext domain by co-developing at spare moments the hypertextual fallow concept (sorry, still in French) that, in a gist, consists in better closing in on hypertexts users’ expectations.
Mirror of ashes: photographic experiments and experiences, (ranting) attempts, serial or monomaniac galleries, impromptu and indefinable, unsettledness and ebb...

What else to say?
I’m in wrong order patient, shy at first glance (but I’m taking care about it), more talkative in written form than orally (although...), étonnamment fluide en français, not yet enough in English (I don’t even mention Spanish) and I don’t like to take myself seriously.
Quite bombastic, isn’t it?
For those who’d like, came to the bottom of that page, to praise or to anathematize me, there’s only one way: